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Landis Consulting is a small electrical and control firm that distinguishes itself by providing engineering design and commissioning services with an attention to detail. We pride ourselves on providing engineering services with a particular attention to the inter-discipline coordination and control system design. Too often you hear of a project with poor inter-discipline coordination and ambiguous control design which often leads to unnecessary project delays and expensive change orders.

Landis Consulting also provides thorough and methodical start-up, testing, and commissioning services. We work collaboratively with all of our client’s stakeholders and customize designs to reduce lifecycle operating and maintenance costs, rather than focus solely on the initial cost of construction. Our goal is to provide the highest quality electrical designs, thus providing our clients the best value saving them time and money.

COBID Certification

Landis is Minority-Owned business in the State of Oregon (#10177). Landis routinely serves as a prime consultant on electrically themed projects and regularly hires COBID-certified firms as subconsultants. In addition to partnering with and hiring COBID certified firms, Landis has supported efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry, including volunteering for career days at local schools, focused specifically on engaging young women and minorities in the Engineering profession.

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Salem Office

6446 Fairway Ave SE
Suite 220
Salem, OR 97306

503 584 1576

COBID Certification ID #10177

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